Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fam-i-ly [fam-uh-lee] noun, adjective.

Dictionary definition:
fam-i-ly [fam-uh-lee]
noun, adjective.
1. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not

My definition:
fam-i-ly [fam-uh-lee]
noun, adjective.
1. a group of people who love each other unconditionally, regardless of what happens, and are always there for each other, even when help is not needed

I have a mom and dad (obviously), two sisters, and one brother. We all live in the same house and we all argue occasionally (some more than others) like every other family. But we love each other and that's what's important.

Mom: my mom does so much for my family and she's so important to me.
dad: my dad is the one who is always worrying about us kids and making sure we are always safe. he can always make me laugh by being his embarrassing self.

kayla: kayla is my older sister (18). she's stubborn and comes off as a rude person but to me she's such a supportive and helpful big sister. she does so much for me and really cares about me. She's also really protective of me.
kiera: kiera is my younger sister (14). she's a lot like kayla in the sense that they both can be really mean when they want to but she's also my best friend and we're really close. people stare at me everywhere I go because of my physical appearance. I don't notice but Kiera does, and she does something about it. I love that she always stands up for me.

bryson: bryson (9) is the annoying bratty little brother that everyone has. but he can also be really sweet and I know he really cares about me even though he occasionally beats me up because I am the easiest target in the family.

I know that if you knew them like I do, you would love them just as much.

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