Thursday, January 20, 2011

physic, florida, and the future.

Just a short quick post to fill you in before I head to bed (finals week, yikes!)
Today I got a few different exciting pieces of information. First, my mom, my neighbor, and I went to see a physic to see what he was feeling about the upcoming visit to St. Louis. He said this is the doctor I need to see, he was sent here to do this. And that he sees me completely healed after the surgery, 100% better. He said the surgery will be sometime this year because of my breathing problem. It's urgent. I'm even more anxious now to get to St. Louis and see what he has to say. March 31st can't come fast enough.
I also found out today that we're making a week long trip to Florida in about 2 weeks! I'm so excited and can't wait!
I'll update more later :)

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